Lydia Fogo


In the past I discovered a simple yet profound truth—to know art is to realize a beautiful life. Art reaches far beyond aesthetics, elements, and design theories. It is a lifestyle that embraces seeing the magnificent potential in the average. It gives one the power to impart value in an otherwise meaningless setting, and draws upon every aspect of the artist’s self to form the connections that relate this meaning.

Art is an inseparable part of who I am. It affects not only how I perceive my every surrounding but also how I perceive my life. It invites me to have a small share in a talent of the original and first Creator; it provides a means to merge with the thousands of artists that have gone before me. Art also serves as a constant learning and personal growth device that is as adept as any mirror in revealing facets of myself that were previously unknown. Art is a constantly posed question to all who partake in it, and questions are truly the fundamental base of all learning, growth, and progress.


  • Portraiture works
  • painting and drawing
  • photography
  • custom art
  • graphic design
  • etc